The Shadow Wars

What is The Shadow Wars?

The Shadow Wars is a series of novels, novellas, and short stories set against the backdrop of sci-fi horror, shadowy conspiracies, and inhuman monsters. It chronicles the tales of a group of soldiers, technicians, and mercenaries as they struggle against impossible odds to keep humanity safe.


DEAD ICE (Novella)

A companion novella to The Shadow Wars.

In the farthest reaches of space lies an isolated mining planet called Dis: on the way to nowhere and in the middle of nowhere, it is of little importance to anyone but those occupying it. In the polar regions of the planet a handful of research and support sites reside, carving out a miserable existence among the frozen wastelands, eternally shrieking winds and subzero temperatures.

Here sits Frost Station. A cobbled-together research outpost that is home to a mere handful personnel. Two months into a six month haul, these people are all out here for a reason. Some have been exiled, others have imposed their own.

For John Marshall, the job is a break from a world he no longer feels capable of coping with. Counting on the bland monotony of boredom and routine to keep his lack of faith in himself at bay, he's happy to deal with the everyday problems of maintaining a distant outpost.

But all this comes to a disastrous halt when a ship crashes just outside the base, right about the same time their communications die mysteriously. As they pull bodies from the wreckage and try to solve the enigma of what happened, it becomes clear that something has gone horribly wrong when the only survivor from the wreck dies, then comes back to life...

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DEAD SKIES (Novella)

A companion novella to The Shadow Wars and a direct sequel to Dead Ice.

When the infection hit Frost Station in the form of a dozen corpses from a wrecked ship, Laura and her crew of isolated misfits didn't know quite how to deal with it. As a result, only she and two others barely escaped the bloody, frozen horror. Certain that they were flying off into the sunrise towards help and hope, they set off in a stolen medical jump ship.

But now the terrifying reality of their situation is setting in. It's been twelve hours in the air and they're no closer to safety. They can't raise anyone on the radio and everywhere they fly over is either burning, dead or overrun with walking corpses. They're running out of power and are soon forced to crash-land in a network of valleys...

Mike Ellis is an engineer working at Peaceful Trails, a network of valleys that serves as a serene nature reserve, a place to get away from the world and relax. All that comes crashing to a bloody halt as he wakes up in an infirmary. He knows he's suffered an accident of some kind, but he can't remember what happened. What's worse, he is forced to call on old skills he learned as a soldier to defend himself when something, what appears to be an actual, real zombie, attacks him.

The valleys are no longer safe and the only people he can find are a trio that claim they've come from the northern polar regions of Dis. They must work together to fight for survival and somehow find a way off of this hellish planet...

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DEAD RAIN (Novella)

A companion novella to The Shadow Wars and a direct sequel to Dead Skies.

Laura Walker and Mike Ellis have been through hell. After surviving the infection that hit her isolated research station in the far frozen north, Laura and her few surviving allies made it down to Peaceful Trails and discovered the horrible truth: the infection is everywhere. From there, they teamed up with Mike Ellis, an ex-Marine technician who had awoken from a short coma to find his world torn asunder by undead horrors.

In the end, only Mike and Laura escaped the slaughter of Peaceful Trails. Now, having picked up a call from what remains of the military with the location of an evacuation zone, they must head towards Jackson, the capital of the planet. Ravaged by the undead war, it will present their greatest challenge yet...


The first novel in The Shadow Wars.

How terrifying would it be to wake up with no memories? How much worse would it get if you happened to be in a crashed vessel full of corpses?

For Greg Bishop, this nightmare has just become a reality. With nothing but his name and a pistol, he escapes into the rainy darkness of the wastelands surrounding him.

Stumbling to a nearby outpost, expecting to find help and some clues to this mystery he's found himself in, Greg instead discovers a new level of terror. Something has gone incredibly wrong in the area. As he begins searching the base, he realizes that the dead aren't staying dead...

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The second novel in The Shadow Wars.

The nightmare began on a little wasteland of a planet called Dis. Greg Bishop awoke with nothing but his name and a pistol. Stumbling through the rain, no memories of his past, he discovered a terrifying new enemy: the Undead. Mindless, ever-evolving creatures that exist merely to kill and reproduce.

With a handful of survivors, Greg escaped Dis, which was destroyed in a clean-up attempt by a secret branch of the government known only as Dark Ops. But his escape led him directly into their holding cells. Now, a prisoner aboard a ship where his enemies have complete control, Greg must find some way to escape once more.

Only this time it won't be so easy. Not only is Dark Ops in charge, reigned over by a sadistic scientist, but the Undead are onboard. And there's a third, unknown threat, lurking somewhere in the shadows, waiting to strike...


A companion short story set during Necropolis 2: Endurance.

Corporal Thorne has worked for Dark Ops for three years now, and in those three years he's never seen anything as insane as this. Dead men roam the corridors of the vessel he once called home. Some of them are driven by a virus, some are driven by technology, all of them are insane horrors bent on his murder.

Thorne just wants to survive, but when he gets captured and forcefully converted into an Augmented, he finds that he wants the exact opposite...

Bundled with Necropolis 2.


The third novel in The Shadow Wars.

First, he awoke on a rainy little wasteland of a planet called Dis. His memories were gone and there were zombies everywhere...

Then, he was kidnapped and experimented on by Dark Ops, the shady government branch sent to take advantage of the virus loosed on Dis that turned everyone it touched into ever-evolving, twisted nightmares...

Now, on a desolate lunar mining colony, racing against a timeline unlike any other, Greg Bishop and a handful of survivors must do whatever it takes to escape the system before the local star explodes. Undead horrors, cybernetic nightmares and an army of soulless men in black armor are all out for his blood...

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The fourth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Trent Stone and Drake Winters are best friends, brothers-in-arms and career mercenaries. After a particularly dangerously job, they head to an isolated space station for a bit of rest and relaxation. But their vacation gets cut short as a mysterious man in a business suit and a hulking woman in body armor show up, offering the job of a lifetime.

The pay is incredible. They'll have access to whatever they want: guns, gear, armor. The only catch is that the job will take them, and a team of highly-trained mercenaries, to the edge of known space, to a frozen world housing a mysterious research colony.

What will they do when they get there? The man hiring them refuses to say. But something is waiting for them, out there in the darkness, something of ancient, immense power...

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BLOOD & TEARS (Short Story)

A companion short story to Absolute Zero.

Before Arctica, before the horrors that stalked bloody corridors, before she met Trent and Drake, Susan Sharpe was a mercenary in love.

After drifting the stars as a gun for hire, Sharpe unexpectedly met the man of her dreams and set out to make the universe a better place. But when a gang murders him, Sharpe goes on the warpath, heading out into the cold night, looking for blood and revenge...

Bundled with Absolute Zero.


The fifth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Sergeant Allan Gray has just suffered the worst defeat in his fourteen years as a member of Security-Investigations, a branch of the government that offers protection to both the colonies and isolated outposts of the inhabited planets in the galactic community. After a smuggling bust gone wrong, Allan is the only survivor. With his team dead, his reputation tarnished and his mental health deteriorating, he seriously begins to wonder if there's anything left for him to live for.

Then his commander comes to him with an awkward assignment: an isolated communications relay has just sent out a distress call and communications in the region have gone dark. With no one else able to take the job, Allan is put in charge of another Investigation Squad that just lost their Sergeant.

When they head out to begin their investigation, they encounter an unspeakable, seemingly invincible evil. Now, Allan must do whatever it takes to stop this evil from completing its own dark agenda...

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The sixth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Enzo Rains could be a poster boy for the average twenty-fourth century mercenary. (If they made such a thing.) He's paranoid, entirely self-reliant and does everything in his power to earn his next paycheck. His morals are slim at best and he's survived things he shouldn't have.

So imagine his surprise, (or lack thereof given his grim views on things like security and trust), when Enzo wakes up naked in a pile of corpses deep in the bowels of an unknown, highly technological research complex where an experiment has gone horribly wrong.

Forced to rely on a meager inventory of supplies he can scrounge up from whatever dead bodies he encounters and a handful of survivors scattered throughout the facility, Enzo must fight his way through this godforsaken nightmare of a situation.

Unfortunately, the damaged facility, the twisted mutations that stalk the corridors and what's left of the security forces that once ran the place aren't going to make it easy...

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The seventh novel in The Shadow Wars.

In an isolated region of space, four survivors of brutal conflicts meet and are once again forced to fight for their lives...

On the pleasure planet known as Mezzanine, a pair of mercenaries on the run from the law find themselves engaged in a shootout with men in dark armor...

The lone survivor of an entire planet is recovered from a ship adrift in space...

What do these events have in common? Each of these people has fought and survived against incredible odds. Each of them has faced down the shadowy government branch known only as Dark Operations and lived to tell about it.

Now, the truth finally comes out: Dark Ops is no longer operating within the confines of the law. They've gone rogue, and the government is desperate to put them down. They want to hire these survivors for that very purpose. United against a common threat, this unlikely band of warriors is tasked with a new objective: recovering a scientist willing to turn over Dark Ops' secrets. Unfortunately, it won't be easy. The planet he's on is owned by the enemy, and they're going to do everything in their power to keep him...


Set in between Books 7 and 8 of The Shadow Wars...

After the events of Ceaseless and Snowblind, Allan Gray, formerly a member of Security-Investigations, now a Specialist in Special Operations, is having some trouble keeping his head straight. He experiences sudden tremors, inexplicable terrors and is incapable of removing his suit of power armor, even for something as simple as a shower. He knows something is wrong, but refuses to let anyone else into his life.

All he wants is to keep doing his job, keep running missions and bury his head in responsibility so that he doesn't have to put up with his own problems. So when Hawkins comes to him with another dangerous job, he leaps at the opportunity.

Allan's new objective seems simple, on the surface: investigate a Rogue Ops ship found adrift in space. Intel is low, no one has any idea what happened to the ship or even what it was doing, but an opportunity to seize crucial data on the enemy is too good to pass up. Allan and a small team of experts are rushed out to the isolated vessel.

Upon arrival, the mission goes bad and Allan finds himself trapped on a Rogue Ops ship, facing down an enemy more insidious, more lethal than any he's ever encountered before...

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The eighth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Part of the mystery surrounding Rogue Operations, the name given to a top-secret faction of the Galactic Alliance gone renegade, has been peeled away. Thanks to the efforts of an unlikely band of mercenaries and soldiers, a crucial piece of the puzzle has been revealed: Rogue Ops is scouring the galaxy for a collection of ancient, alien artifacts.

But for what purpose? What do they do? Where do they come from? What ultimate goal is Rogue Ops working towards?

That question is about to be answered. A new pair of artifacts has just been discovered. Fundamentally different from the original collection of ancient devices, these artifacts act as data caches and hold the secret to unlocking the mystery of Rogue Ops and their machinations.

Trent Stone and Drake Winters, career mercenaries and brothers in arms, are tasked with hunting down one of these artifacts. As soon as they show up to collect it, however, they are forced to engage in a desperate chase that will take them across the galaxy...

Greg Bishop, Security-Investigations soldier turned Spec Ops warrior, and Enzo Rains, ex-Spec Ops badass turned mercenary and then back again, are, despite their differences, forced to work together and recover the other artifact. Unfortunately, they quickly become stranded on an island-based research colony after something goes wrong. If they want to complete their mission, they must fight their way through a terrifying new enemy...

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The ninth novel in The Shadow Wars.

The end has come.

With one of their own dead and another turned traitor, who took one of the all-important artifacts over to Rogue Ops, the lingering remnants of Dark Operations must prepare themselves for the final confrontation.

The secret of the artifacts has been revealed, the true, insane nature of Rogue Operations' plans has finally been brought to light. If they are allowed to succeed, it will mean galactic apocalypse, the total annihilation of all mankind.

Drake Winters, Greg Bishop and Allan Gray, along with a handful of other expert killers and seasoned veterans, must now embark on a race against time across the breadth of the galaxy, facing down unspeakable horrors from beyond the stars and ancient alien facilities that have not seen the light of day in thousands of years.

The end is here. The countdown has begun.

Do they have what it takes to save us all?

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A companion short set during the epilogue of Countdown.

Following a two week vacation after all the insanity of chasing down Rogue Operations, the Galactic Alliance still doesn't know what to do with those who saved the galaxy. Greg decides to take the opportunity to face one of his largest fears: his lost memories.

He and Eve go to his place of birth, to meet his parents, to see, once and for all, if there's anything left in the galaxy that might rekindle his memories...

Bundled with Countdown.

LAID TO REST (Short Story)

A companion short set during the epilogue of Countdown.

In the wake of taking down Rogue Operations once and for all, the survivors find themselves with some time to kill. Allan Gray wants to feel better, to be better. He's been working on making adjustments to his life, to his mental state.

Before he can truly lay the past to rest, he feels that he must get some closure on the single most traumatic event in his life, and that means going to a distant world and facing down a problem unlike any other he has ever confronted...a personal problem.

Bundled with Countdown.



The tenth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Two people have just awoken aboard a deep space research vessel. The Cimmerian.

Mark Collins and Jennifer North, a technician and security guard respectively, have absolutely no idea why they were apparently captured and stuffed into stasis tubes. But as they begin searching the vessel, which has suffered some kind of catastrophe, they discover that they aren't alone.

Something has gone terribly wrong. However, it isn't the damaged state of the vessel or the dwindling reserves of oxygen and power. It's the fact that the dead are coming back to life...


A companion short story set after Necropolis 4: Terminal.

Drake Winters is a man lost.

For six months, he has relentlessly tracked Enzo, the man he holds responsible for the death of his best friend and brother-in-arms, Trent. But now, Enzo is dead by his own hand, leaving Drake at a loss for what comes next.

He thought there would be closure, he thought the pain would lessen, he thought something would be different. But it's not. He's just...lost.

Now he only wants to find his way back.

Bundled with Necropolis 4.

EB-303 (Short Story)

A companion short story to The Shadow Wars.

Genevieve Topaz has slipped nicely into her role as the galaxy's bogeyman exterminator. Unfortunately, after taking down Rogue Operations and signing up with Anomalous Ops, not much has happened.

In between training up and trying to keep her mind on things other than the death of the only person who has made a real impact on her life in over ten years, she's been getting bored.

Then, it happens: her first real job. A mystery has cropped up. People are going to a distant, long-abandoned mining operation on asteroid EB-303...but they aren't coming back.

It's up to Genevieve to discovery why.

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ALONE? (Short Story)

A companion short story set after Necropolis 4 - Terminal.

Jennifer North, after surviving the horror of the zombies and the remnants of Rogue Ops, has signed up with Anomalous Ops. She's been asking to go on a mission, eager to move on and get to work taking on the unnamed horrors that haunt the dark corners of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, her first mission hasn't gone so well. Called out to an asteroid-based mining facility to investigate a strange discovery made by the miners, something has gone wrong. She awakens to find the facility vacant, her spine and head hurting, with no idea of what happened. She must unwrap the mystery of went wrong, all while being hunted by a mysterious entity...

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The eleventh novel in The Shadow Wars.

Eric Starck is a man adrift. After fighting in the Systems Wars that ravaged the galaxy, he's spent the past three years drifting from one job to the next, never quite feeling comfortable. The latest in a long line of jobs is at least seeming like it might be a career he can attach to. Search & Rescue. His job is to fly through the deeper regions of space and offer assistance to any and all who need it.

Everything is about to get thrown out the airlock, however, as he and his crew pick up a seemingly simple distress call from an isolated, asteroid-based service and repair station. The deep space equivalent of a lone truck stop. As they arrive, they find the facility in terrible shape, the inhabitants brutalized, and quickly become trapped in a truly isolated situation with a group of vicious, blood-thirsty alien creatures that seem to want nothing more than to brutally murder them all...

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The twelfth novel in The Shadow Wars.

At the edge of known space sits a desert world known only as Ash. It supports a minuscule population of miserable soldiers, technicians and scientists. Why are they here? A year ago, a deep space government probe discovered an ancient alien device of unknown origins. It doesn't belong to the Cyr, it's much older than that.

When all communications are suddenly lost with Ash and none of the teams sent to investigate report back, the government decides to put Anomalous Operations on the case.

Having survived harrowing horror sessions of their own, newcomers Jennifer North and Eric Starck are looking to prove their worth to their new boss, (and to see just how interesting the galaxy really is). Veterans of the strange and unusual Drake Winters and Greg Bishop are just looking to get the job done, they've got problems their own to deal with nowadays.

But none of them are even remotely prepared for the unholy hell that awaits them on Ash. It will push them past their breaking point. They will be forced beyond hope, beyond reason, beyond sanity...

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OUTPOST 88 (Short Story)

A companion short story for The Shadow Wars series.

Jennifer North has just had the most harrowing experience of her life. After facing down the Deathless and the wretched entities that stalked the surface of Ash, she has suffered great physical and emotional trauma. After nearly a month of recovery, she's determined that she needs to face down another mission, to prove to herself that it can be done.

The opportunity arrives in the form of a distress call. An isolated geological survey outpost on a distant planet needs help, because something horrifying has happened. With the help of ex-assassin Genevieve, she must confront her fears and survive the mystery of Outpost 88...

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The thirteenth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Colonies are being attacked along the Far Reach.

Hundreds of people have been murdered.

Very little information has been gathered on those responsible, but what is known so far is chilling. They are monstrous men and women who have been heavily modified by technology, gruesomely grafted directly into their flesh. They know no fear, no mercy, no pity. They cannot be threatened, bribed or reasoned with.

Anomalous Operations has been trying to deal with them for weeks now, attempting to discover where it is they are hiding, who they are and how to stop them. Finally, a break in the case comes. The secret location of their headquarters is discovered. Allan Gray and Callie Ward, along with a squad of veteran soldiers, are dispatched beyond the Far Reach to put these techno-terrorists down for good.

But something is waiting for them in the darkness, something of immense power and cold, calculating evil...

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LETHAL CARGO (Short Story)

A companion short story set during The Blind War.

While dealing with the fact that her boyfriend is leaving, both her and their job, Eve is given what should be a simple assignment: escort some precious cargo across space. But it's always supposed to be easy, and it never is.

All she has with her are some Spec Ops soldiers and a small crew. The trip shouldn't take long, but when she sees the cargo, she immediately has concerns. All is going well until a power failure occurs, and the cargo gets loose...

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The fourteenth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Greg Bishop's life is falling apart. After barely surviving the brutal trauma he endured on Ash, he feels incapable of facing even a single new mission. Unfortunately for him, his time to deal with this issue dwindles to zero when Callie delivers grim news: Allan has been captured. By Erebus. A nemesis Greg thought long dead.

Now, he, along with whatever forces he and Callie can scrape together from the diminished ranks of Anomalous Operations, must mount a desperate rescue mission. The odds are stacked against them. With what little intel Callie gathered during her previous mission, she's been able to determine that Allan was taken to one of two locations.

Unfortunately for them all, both locations are beyond the pale of human civilization, beyond the Far Reach.

If they are to rescue Allan and stop Erebus, they must head into the void...

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The fifteenth, and final, novel in The Shadow Wars.

Greg Bishop finds himself in an all too familiar, and disturbing, situation: he has awoken in a cell with no idea of how he has gotten there, where he is or why he has been locked up.

As he escapes and begins searching the area around him, he makes several horrifying discoveries. His closest friends have been captured by an unknown group, and so have many horrors from their past. Alien monsters and otherworldly creatures roam the halls, beasts that they all thought they would never have to face again.

Outnumbered, injured and terrified, the survivors must battle against old foes, monstrous horrors and the environment itself if they are to get out of this one alive...

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