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This page is dedicated to original stories that I post on WattPad. For clarity's sake, although I call them 'exclusives', that doesn't necessarily mean that they will only ever be on WattPad. Eventually, I'll more than likely end up self-publishing them, but I won't take them down from WattPad. So, without further ado, check it out!


This first section is dedicated to a handful of short stories and novellas curated from my past. They have, for the most part, already been written and, in some cases, even published, in one form or another. But for whatever reason, I eventually took them down and put them away. I took a good long look through all my old stuff and selected these titles for release on WattPad.


Viktor Mason is a mercenary trying to carve out an existence in a grim near-future of interplanetary space travel where asteroids are mined for their minerals, bounty hunters and hired guns run amok, and the mega-corporations rule supreme.

While life for Viktor and his small band of mercenary misfits has the appearance of freedom, each lives under the dark shadow of debt and, worse, have knowledge of a secret that could get them killed.

Everything changes when they are approached by a mysterious benefactor offering to clean up their debt and protection...if they run a job. The job seems simple enough: infiltrate an asteroid-based outpost gone silent and figure out what went wrong.

But it's never that easy, and something evil lurks in the dead depths of space, waiting...

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Greg Collins makes his living hauling cargo between the stars. Living alone with only an artificial intelligence for company, he finds his life simple, until one day his regular routine is interrupted as he finishes a typical delivery to a military outpost.

His AI picks up something curious: a vessel closely orbiting the local star. It's calling for help, and slowly submitting to orbital decay. As Greg heads in to help, little does he know that he is about to make a life-changing discovery of untold proportions...


Jared Foster's life has been, up to this point, relatively simple. He lives alone, works a simple job, and maintains a long-distance relationship. He's content with his life and secure in the regular routine it offers. Then his girlfriend asks him to visit.

Though Jared could easily envision a plague of problems on his first solo road trip, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere wasn't a legitimate concern. Until it becomes a reality. Finally spotting an isolated rest stop, Jared pulls in. It's when he can't find anyone, not even someone behind the counter, that he starts to worry. Tentative apprehension turns to raw terror when he becomes trapped and something decidedly inhuman begins to hunt him...


Geoff Wheeler is a private eye just trying to get along in a cold world. Most of the time he runs the simple jobs: angry spouses paying him to tail unfaithful significant others. He and his partner have a nice little operation going and Geoff is content with his life.

Then a trophy wife from the suburbs hunts him down, waving a load of cash around and demanding that he uncover the truth behind her son's death. From the start, the case seems very odd. A genuine mystery.

But as Geoff digs deeper, things go from curious to creepy to downright terrifying as he locates a camera that might contain the first genuine proof of paranormal activity...


For Jeremy Baker, the greatest pleasure in life is a long, leisurely drive through the woods at night. Tonight is particularly peaceful: it's dark, rainy, there's no one else out on the road for miles.

Then it all comes to an uncomfortable halt as he spies a car abandoned on the side of the road, hazard lights still flaring. Deciding he'd hate to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere, he pulls over to help.

But little does he know that something is waiting, and watching...

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What began as a simple trip to the hospital soon turns into a night of absolute terror as two men become mysteriously trapped in a derelict parking garage. As they attempt to escape, they encounter a being never meant for our world.


Nestled among the business district of a Colorado city sits an unsuspecting office building: the headquarters for Apex Tech. For ten years it has seen hundreds of employees come and go, but tonight it is about to see something entirely unprecedented.
As night falls, the building empties and all that's left is a skeleton crew of security guards, janitors, and a few poor souls working overtime. When boring routine quickly morphs into mortal terror, what started out as a regular night becomes a nightmarish struggle for survival.

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